Entrancing Holographic Stickers Offer a Kaleidoscope of Shimmer that Catches the Eye

Make any sticker stand out in a big gleaming way with one of our custom die cut holographic stickers! Instantly give your artwork a kaleidoscope of shimmer with a holographic sticker that cannot be ignored. You will be mesmerized by the glistening spectral effect that our holographic sticker vinyl provides. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and creates an instantly memorable message on any sticker.

Custom sticker junkies will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our newest holographic stickers because they add a cool rainbow glimmer to every sticker. As you change the direction you hold your holographic sticker, you can see a unique array of glittery color that simply sparkles in light.

Of course, the quality of Stickerbeat’s holographic stickers is still top notch just like all our other products. They are waterproof, UV resistant and have our awesome l vinyl that protects them against scratches and ensures durability. Any design can be made into a holographic sticker, and you won’t believe the spectacular effects you get that will make your custom sticker pop.

Take Advantage of a Holographic Sticker’s Sparkly Effects for Memorable Messaging

When you need to really grab some attention, going with a die cut custom holographic sticker is the way to go. It’s one of those stickers that will certainly stop a customer in their tracks with its mesmerizing sparkly appeal. Light refracts off each holographic sticker in such a cool way, you can’t help but look at it! This means your message will definitely get a second look!

Holographic stickers create excitement on a helmet or on a skateboard. Get the grooviest surfboard on the waves with a nifty holographic sticker that will make your board shine like crazy in the sunlight. Rock a cooler or your water bottle with a holographic sticker that gives your stuff a totally glam look. Anything you cover with a holographic sticker is guaranteed to turn heads without a doubt.

Ravish your clients with holographic stickers on your cosmeceuticals, and jazz any item you sell such as candle jars. Knock ‘em out with holographic business card sticker that are sure to be the one that stands out in the pile.

Your die cut holographic sticker can be cut to any size or shape you desire with our laser guided blades. You can get standard shapes like round stickers or rectangle ones, or you can go crazy and craft a crazy swirly shape. We will get that sticker cut with no problem. Uploading your artwork can’t be any easier, and when you accept your proof--we get to printing it straight away. You will get your stickers at your doorstep within three days with FREE SHIPPING.

If you aren’t the creative type, no worries. We can help! Our graphic designers can assist you in crafting the perfect holographic sticker to suit your needs.

Let’s get started on your sticker order now!