How to Remove Stickers from Laptops

When you apply stickers, you expect they’ll adhere nicely and stay in place. However, you may need to remove stickers from laptops to ready them for sale or space for new stickers. So, how do you do this without making a mess and harming your computer? Find out how to do it right!

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The Process for Removing Laptop Stickers Depends on the Type

Stickers aren’t all the same, as there are different materials and formats. So, how you remove them will depend on this information. Low-cost stickers, which are made from cheap vinyl or sticker paper, pose a bigger challenge than those printed on high-quality vinyl. They will not peel off easily, often requiring a cleaning spray and some good elbow grease to scrape them off.

how to properly remove laptop stickers

Conversely, those professionally produced vinyl stickers are much easier to remove. They have a strong, waterproof adhesive, but they peel off easily. The material makes them ideal for adhering to flat surfaces like a laptop, but you won’t need to spend much time or energy to get them off.

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The quality of the material enables the simple removal process. In most cases, you’ll just pick up a corner and peel off. Plus, there’s no residue left behind.

Watch the video below to see how easy our stickers are to remove! 

High-Quality Vinyl Stickers Are Easy to Remove from Laptops

High-quality vinyl is a must if you want stickers that go on and off easily. We use 3M vinyl, the top of the line for quality. It’s much more durable than cheap materials. 

Here's what makes this material so amazing:

  • They have a 3.2-millimeter UV layer of laminate, which can be matte or gloss, protecting it from scratching or fading.
  • It includes a block out bubble free adhesive, making it easy to stick and unstick. 
  • A silicon-coated backing liner makes them easy to peel off. 
  • Stickers printed on 3M material are 100% waterproof, so they won’t get ruined if exposed to moisture. 

If you’re dealing with other, lower-quality stickers, you’ll need some help.

Removing Stickers from a Laptop Options

If your stickers are harder to remove, you have some options, including:

  • Abrasives: Use a mild one with a damp microfiber cloth and scrub away but not too hard so you don’t damage the laptop. 
  • Oil (mineral, olive, or tea tree): Try this to loosen the adhesive for quicker removal.
  • Solvents: This substance will dissolve the sticker and adhesive. Examples include Goo Gone and alcohol. Only wet the edges and wait for it to work. 
  • Heat guns: If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can try this on the lowest setting. You may need to do this a few times before it’s ready to peel. 
  • Scrapers: This is another non-chemical approach, but it could scratch the surface. 

Be careful about using any of these methods. They are best for stickers on the top shell of the computer. Removing stickers in other areas where electrical pieces are could cause damage and may also void a warranty. 

Removing Laptop Stickers Is No Problem with Stickerbeat Products

If you want to know that removal of stickers will always be easy breezy, only adhere Stickerbeat products. Our high-quality vinyl sticks when you need it to and come up with no residue. Always order your stickers from us!

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