Promotional Magnets: Advertise and Market Your Business

Promotional magnets have many applications for businesses. They are a great way to keep your brand top of mind for customers. With so much versatility around shape, size, and uses, you can promote your company with a message that sticks.

What Are Promotional Magnets?

A promotional magnet is one that a business uses to market or advertise. It typically includes branding, the company logo, and contact details. However, there are many different options for these advertising magnets. Whether you’re a service company with hundreds of employees or are an entrepreneur, magnets can leave an impression on customers. Plus, they’ll have a reminder of your company nearby.

The most common types of promotional magnets are business card magnets, fridge magnets, and car magnets.

Business Card Magnets

Why not turn your business card into a magnet? Your business card is your literal calling card. It includes all your contact information and logo, and it won’t get lost like a regular business card. Your customers can adhere it to any magnetic surface.

With these marketing magnets, you can distribute them in different settings to get your company’s name out there. Here are some ideas on how to use these for marketing:

  • Include one inside every package you ship to customers.
  • Place them at your checkout and offer them to customers when they make a purchase.
  • Leave them with customers after your employee completes a service call.
  • Use them as giveaways at trade shows or events.
  • Ensure your sales team has plenty when they visit customers.

Beyond just the basic information, there are more ways to liven up business card magnets, including:

  • Adding a special offer on the magnet for their next purchase. You can include a unique promo code, so you’ll know that the sale was attributable to your magnets.
  • Putting your social media profiles and encouraging customers to follow you online.
  • Inserting your picture on the card. This is an excellent tactic for real estate agents, insurance agents, and similar jobs.

Fridge Magnets

A fridge magnet can be any shape or size, but they are typically small to fit on the surface. There are many options for fridge magnets, including a business card. However, you can do something different in this category, such as using just your logo, company name, and phone number.

Many businesses prefer a die cut fridge magnet so that it can take the shape of the logo. Just be sure to add some contact information so that when someone needs a service you offer, they can quickly contact you.

Another idea for fridge magnets, which many verticals use, including banks, insurance, and real estate, are calendars. A small calendar magnet is something many people will add to their fridge because it’s useful information. It also works as an advertising magnet since your company’s logo, and other information will be on display.

Car Magnets

Promotional car magnets offer an opportunity to share your brand with anyone you pass by. They also ensure that when an employee arrives on-site for a job, their vehicle is clearly marked. Doing so enhances the professionalism of your brand.

Most car magnets are medium-sized, big enough to fit on one door panel. At this size, the information should be visible to those nearby. You can add your logo, company name, and contact information. You won’t need to worry about their durability. Car magnets can be weatherproof so that they don’t peel or fade. High-quality material and production also support their magnet hold for years to come.

The Options for Promotional Magnets

When selecting magnets, you’ll want to know about all the options regarding thickness, shape, size, and color.

What Thickness Do You Need?

The first decision is determining if you should use 20mil or 30mil. This refers to the thickness of the magnet. In most cases, 20mil will work for indoor use. For outdoor use, including on vehicles, go with 30mil.

What Promotional Magnet Shapes Are Available?

The shape you select for your magnet has a lot to do with where it will go as well as the type. For business card magnets, you’ll use a rectangle. But you don’t have to be traditional. You can opt for rounded corners. Additionally, magnets are available as circles, ovals, and squares. Those shapes work well for fridge magnets and car magnets.

The final choice is a die cut shape. A die cut magnet takes the form of the art. It’s “cut” around the outline. Thus, your magnet could be the shape of your logo.

What Sizes Are Available?

Again, the size will correlate to what type of magnet you’re creating and where you think it should stick. There are many standard sizes, you have the option to customize the dimensions. When planning to order promotional magnets, make sure you consider how the size will look on a surface, so that it’s not too big or too small.

Can You Print Promotional Magnets in Color?

Promotional magnets are typically in full color, especially those with logos and other branding. However, you can print them in just black ink if you’re going with something simple. You can order magnets with either a gloss or matte finish.

Promotional Magnets: How High-Quality Ones Are Made

Not every promotional magnet is the same. Since it will have your brand on it, you want to ensure it’s high-quality and durable. Here’s what to look for in an advertising magnet.

First is the type of vinyl. We print on 3M vinyl, which is the best in its class. It includes a layer that makes the magnet weatherproof and UV resistant. The lamination layer also protects the magnet from fading or scratches. With this reliable material, magnets can last up to five years.

Second is the ink for printing. We use Epson 3M UltraChrome GS3 ink. This impressive ink ensures that the colors stay vibrant no matter the environment.

Third is the process. When you order promotional magnets from us, we follow a robust quality assurance protocol. Having such a plan allows us to ship a product to you that looks great and works.

Ordering Promotional Magnets from Stickerbeat

We’ve been printing promotional magnets for businesses for many years, helping them amplify their brand and gain new customers. We want the process to be easy and accessible for anyone to order magnets from us.

The ordering process is easy. In just a few steps, your magnets will be ready to produce.

First, decide on the size and shape of your magnet. This will depend on the application. Next, you’ll upload your art on our platform. Once we receive it, our graphic designers will review it. If there are issues with the art, we’ll let you know immediately. Otherwise, we’ll send you a digital proof to approve. After approval, the printing starts. If, at any time, you have questions, we’re always here to help.

You can expect most orders to arrive in around three business days. When your package ships, we notify you via email. Speaking of shipping—it’s always free at Stickerbeat! We also offer discounts and promotions to customers regularly. Be sure to enter the code at checkout.

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