Save the Date Magnets: Excite Guests with a New Twist on Invitations

Considered to be the pre-invitation for events, Save the Date announcements are a popular way to make sure guests have early notice. There are many options when creating these cards. One that sticks out, literally, is Save the Date magnets. 

With various options for sizes and designs, you can design custom Save the Date magnets to match your theme and colors. Not only will they look stunning, but they are also practical. Colorful and fun magnets can find a permanent place on anyone’s fridge long after the day. 

Save the Date Magnets: A Memorable Arrival and Reminder

When invitees open up their envelope, they’ll be surprised to see that the Save the Date is a magnet. Instead of a card that’s tossed away or lost in a stack of mail, they’ll slap it to the fridge or other magnetic surface. It becomes a reminder of when they’ll be celebrating with you. Because they see it, they are more likely to mark their calendars for the special date. 

Using a magnet versus a card may ensure that you receive more on-time RSVPs, so you’re not still wondering who is coming days before the event. People are busy and have lots of things to juggle, so be sure your celebration gets their attention with a magnet.

Save the Date: Weddings, Parties, and More

Save the Dates are most often associated with weddings. After all, this is one of the most important days for couples. It’s also something most people plan far in advance. Additionally, wedding season, usually May through September, is when many people vacation and travel. Thus, you want to notify people as early as possible. 

Save the Date invitations aren’t only for weddings. For any party or event that’s at least 90 days out or longer, they can be a great way to let people know you want to celebrate with them. Consider them for showers, birthdays, holiday parties, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, and other occasions. 

Designing Your Save the Date

With a magnet, you have a blank canvas. You can include any design. Some ideas include:

  • Pictures of the couple or person you’re celebrating
  • Thematic designs for the party
  • Fun fonts
  • Bride and groom illustrations
  • Images of where the event will take place or a city skyline

In addition to design, you can include more than just the date, such as the venue, time, or even a website to find out more information. How they turn out is absolutely up to you! You also don’t have to use only basic shapes like squares, circles or rectangles. Die cut magnets conform to the shape of your design. 

High-Quality, Affordable Save the Date Magnets from Stickerbeat

Ordering magnets from Stickerbeat is easy and convenient. You’re also guaranteed a magnet made from durable premium vinyl. They have a laminate overlay that protects them from fading or scratching. They are also waterproof and weatherproof. 

Our process is super simple. First, you pick the size, shape, finish, and quantity. Then upload the artwork. We’ll send you a digital proof for final review. Once approved, we produce the order. We then ship them to you at no cost. It’s a fast way to get a truly custom piece to spotlight your event. 

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