Specialty Labels for Wax, Soy, and Candle Melts

Wax, soy, and candle melts are quickly becoming a popular option for consumers. They are more affordable than standard candles and more eco-friendly. When you want a new scent, you slide the scented piece of wax into a warmer. They also don’t require a flame, so they’re safer. Also, many people use melts to create unique aromas that can be homeopathic in nature. For all these reasons, candle companies are diversifying into melts, which means you’ll need wax melt labels. 

Specialty Labels for Candle Melts

What Should Candle Melt Labels Include?

These labels will have similar content as your candle stickers. You’ll want to include your company name, brand logo, and melt scent. Depending on the size of your packaging, you may have enough room for instructions about how to use the melts. If you have a physical retail location, you can also include a barcode for scanning. 

What Are the Sticker Options for Wax Melts?

The selection of options for your wax melt stickers is wide-ranging. You can choose from traditional shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, or ovals, in just about any size to fit your packaging. You can also opt for die cut stickers, which are cut to the shape you provide with your artwork. For example, a die cut sticker could be the outline of your logo or a candle. 

Beyond shape, there are more options. Your candle labels can have a gloss or matte finish. A clear finish is also available to blend into the packaging. 

Shape, size, and finish are all customizable to best fit your needs. But when choosing wax melt stickers, be sure to evaluate different sticker producers.

What to Look for to Find High-Quality Candle Melt Labels?

Not all stickers and labels are made the same. There is great variation in material usage and production. Since these stickers represent your business, you don’t want them to look cheap or simply not perform. When comparing sticker companies, look for these signs of high quality:

  • Material: 3M vinyl is top of the line and the first choice for most businesses.
  • UV protection in the form of laminate overlay to protect stickers from fading or scratching, the latter of which is critical when shipping or handling products.
  • Adhesive that’s easy to apply to the packaging and stays stuck but is removable without residue.
  • Fast application with silicon-coated backing liners.
  • Premium ink so that colors stay vibrant and won’t fade for years to come. 
  • Moisture-proof adhesive and stickers, so they don’t fall apart should they come into contact with water. 

Ordering Wax and Candle Melt Labels Is Easy Breezy with Stickerbeat

Whether you have a small candle shop on Etsy or are building a home goods brand, every item needs a branded sticker. With a variety of sizes and options as well as superior quality, you’ll find everything you need at Stickerbeat. Ordering from us is simple. You choose the shape, style, size, and quantity, then upload your art. We’ll send you a proof, and once you approve it, we can produce most orders in three business days. There are no extra fees or shipping charges. 

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