The Complete Guide to Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl die cut stickers are one of the most popular types. If you’re researching options for producing custom stickers, many roads lead to them. While you’ve likely heard the term, you may wonder what they are, how you make them, and what features to look for when producing them. 


If you have lots of sticker questions, we’ve got answers. This short guide offers you everything you need to know about vinyl die cut stickers. 

We’ll cover everything from how the stickers production, the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers, how to use them, and the qualities they should have. 

What Is a Vinyl Die Cut Sticker?

The term “die cut” describes how the sticker is cut. Just as you’d attribute the shape of a sticker, like “round” or “square,” die cut works the same way. Being die cut means every sticker is a custom shape, typically in the outline of the design. For example, it could be sharp corners and rounded areas. 


die cut stickers

Die cut originated many years ago when this stick was cut with heavy metal dies. The technology has changed since then, but the name has stayed the same. Today, die cut stickers go around the edge of the design through both the vinyl and the backing. 

The other part of the phrase is vinyl, which indicates the material of the sticker. Vinyl is prevalent in sticker production, but not all vinyl is the same.

How Are Vinyl Die Cut Stickers Made?

Dies no longer do the cutting work in printing and producing these stickers. They worked by having sharp pieces of metal form to the desired shape, creating a die. The die would then cut through the materials to make the desired form. They were very expensive and hard to maintain. 

How are die cut stickers made

Luckily, modern technology has changed how we produce them. Now, digitally controlled knives or high-speed lasers cut the stickers into custom shapes. It’s fast and scalable. These cuts are so precise that it’s amazing to think how quickly they are complete. 

Because the process is a seamless operation, ordering custom vinyl die cut stickers is easy, and you can expect them in days.

Popular Uses for Vinyl Die Cut Stickers

There are so many fun and creative ways to use vinyl die cut stickers. They are individually cut, so that makes them great for many applications. Additionally, they are even more attractive because of how intricate the outline can be. 

Here are some of the best ways to use these stickers.

For Business

  • Companies need stickers for many reasons, including:
  • Labels for products and packaging
  • Marketing giveaways at events or in e-commerce orders
  • Items to sell in a shop 
  • Logo stickers for a variety of branding needs

die cut stickers for branding company

For Home

  • Decorating phones, laptops, and other electronics
  • Scrapbooks and craft projects
  • Applied on the wall as art 

For School

  • Learning exercises
  • Craft projects
  • Birthdays and rewards

For Celebrations

  • Party favors for birthdays, weddings, or baby showers
  • Prom keepsakes 
  • Sporting event memorabilia 

Everything Else

  • Car bumper stickers
  • Bike frame stickers 
  • Sporting goods equipment 

What Size Are Vinyl Die Cut Stickers?

Since die cut stickers are custom, you can choose the size you prefer. How big they are will depend on the design and purpose. We offer many standard sizes, but you can select specific ones. 

Vinyl Die Cut Stickers vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

Die cut and kiss cut stickers are similar but not the same. As described, die cut stickers cut through the vinyl and backing. Kiss cut stickers only cut the vinyl layer. The backing remains intact, leaving an extra border around the stickers. 

What’s advantageous about kiss cut stickers is that you can print them in sheets. If you aren’t going to use stickers individually, then kiss cut is a good option. 

What Makes the Vinyl High-Quality?

As we indicated, not all vinyl is the same. There are many options that range in quality, thickness, and durability. We use 3M vinyl, which is the top tier for all these things. This type of vinyl includes:  

  • A 3.2-mil laminated layer for UV protection that’s 3.2-mil. thick. This protects the sticker from fading and makes it scratch resistant.
  • Waterproof qualities so that stickers can reside on exterior surfaces. The most critical element is waterproof adhesive. This ensures that water cannot ooze into the space between the sticker and the surface. A waterproof sticker has a five-year life expectancy.
  • 3.3-mil. thick block bubble free adhesive. It stays stuck but removes easily with no residue. 
  • Silicon-coated backing liners, which preserve the sticker before application and make it easy to peel.
  • Ink that’s developed specifically for 3M vinyl with characteristics that make it fade-free, even on an outside surface.

With these features, you can be confident that they will be high quality. In addition to standard vinyl, there are more options, such as:

Every vinyl die cut sticker type can have a gloss or matte finish. 

Order Die Cut Vinyl Stickers from Stickerbeat

Now that you know all about die cut vinyl stickers, it’s time to start shopping. When you order from Stickerbeat, you’ll receive well-made stickers that are affordable and ship to you within days for free. 

Our 3M vinyl, no-fade ink, and superior adhesive deliver the best stickers you can find. Purchasing from us is easy breezy. First, determine the size and quantity of your stickers. Then select gloss or matte. Next, upload your art and wait for a digital proof to arrive in your email. After reviewing it, approve it. At that point, your order goes into production with lasers cutting your stickers with precision. 

In a few days, your order will arrive, and you can start using them. Get started today and create your die cut vinyl stickers!