Waterproof Window Decals Stay in Place and Look Great

One of the most important attributes of a window decal is its durability. The last thing you want is for these labels to lose adhesion due to moisture. Waterproof window decals will ensure that no matter where you place them, they’ll continue to function as they should and show off your brand.

What makes a Window Decal Waterproof?

There are several areas of waterproof decals worth evaluating. First, they should be made from 3M vinyl, which has a 3.2mil thick block-out bubble-free adhesive. It’s permanent but also removable with no residue.

Second, they have a UV layer of lamination to protect from fading from the sun or scratches. Third, they have a backing liner with a silicon coat. This feature allows for easy removal of the sticker from the liner. 

Fourth, the ink matters as well. It’s non-soluble, so colors remain bold. The last part is the waterproof adhesive that can withstand all weather elements, and you can clean the decals as you do the glass without concerns they’ll begin to curl up on the ends. They have a five-year life expectancy. 

From how they stay put to the printing process, you can expect these labels to remain in place and look great.

How Can You Use Waterproof Window Decals?

These window decals are great for company branding, featuring your business name, logo, contact details, and more. You could also design the labels for specific promotions, holiday or seasonal messages, business hours, and more. Because they are affordable and professional, they can immediately grab the attention of anyone who sees them.

There are various ways to apply them, including:

  • Cars and trucks: Attach them to the exterior of the window, and they’ll sit tight, no matter the weather. They’ll stay stuck even through rainstorms or a spin through the car wash.
  • Doors: Place decals on your glass doors, and don’t worry about exposure.
  • Windows: Adhere them to your business’ windows.

What Are the Specs for Waterproof Window Decals?

We print our waterproof decals on premium 4M gloss or matte vinyl. They come in a variety of standard sizes, from 10x10 to 24x24, but you can customize the exact size you need. 

You can upload your own custom artwork, which our graphic designers will review for any issues at no cost. Then you’ll receive your proof, and once approved, production begins. 

Ready to Order Your Waterproof Window Decals?

If you want to make an impression with branded graphics, windows are an essential place to put them. By ordering waterproof decals, you can feel confident they’ll last for some time. Start shopping today