Custom Photo Magnets

custom photo magnets

There is nothing like one of our custom photo magnets to put your memories into a permanent format. Stickerbeat's photo magnets cling like a dream to any magnetic surface. Whether it’s your refrigerator at home, your school locker or office file cabinet: a Stickerbeat custom magnet can be personalized any way you want.

So Many Options!

There are so many custom options for our photo magnets. You can upload a cherished photo of your cat, a family gathering or your new grandbaby, Stickerbeat will then transform your image to a magnet! We will put it on a matte-finish vinyl front with a strong magnetic backing that will hang without sliding down. You can add text, use any colors, and make it any shape or size you need. Get creative and personalize your die-cut photo magnet without limitations.

Make Your Brand Stick!

Photo magnets are ideal giveaways for businesses! Share your brand with the masses in a manner that goes beyond a mailer that will just end up in the trash. We know that customers LOVE magnets, so it’s an inexpensive way to generate brand love and loyalty. The best part is that your logo, company information and image will always remain handy with a magnet that customers will keep.

Take Your Brand On The Road!

Putting a photo magnet on a car turns your vehicle into a roaming billboard. This allows our your message to be seen by many. Drive away to your honeymoon with a “Just Married” magnet on your bumper, and when you are done you simply remove it with damaging the paint on your car. Company vehicles can be branded with your logo so customers know who you are when you pull up at their door. If your company truck is also your personal vehicle, you can simply take off the car magnet when you aren’t working in just a matter of seconds.

Give A Gift That Sticks!

Customized photo magnets make terrific gifts, and just think about how family and friends will appreciate your wedding photo or snapshot of your new baby. Instead of hanging your photo on the fridge that will only curl up and yellow over time, your personalized photo magnet will stay put, lay flat and is completely UV resistant. Top off you shower thank you with a magnet that will be memorable.

Photo magnets are super handy as reminders of special upcoming events, too! If you are getting married, you can cleverly send all your guests a save-the-date magnet. They can act as reminders for a baby shower, anniversary party or any event you want to make sure people remember.

From Boring To Beautiful!

Bored of mailing out the same old annual holiday card? Mail a photo magnet instead for a lasting and practical way to celebrate beyond just the season. Our photo magnets are lightweight and pliable so they are easy to mail and won’t crack or split in an envelope.

Your photo will reproduce as clearly and colorfully as your original photo with beautiful resolution. You will be impressed with the quality and you will want to share your photo memories with customers, friends and family.

Let’s get started on your photo magnet today!