What is the difference between a sticker, a decal, and a magnet?


A sticker is a type of label with a sticky back. Typically smaller than a decal and used for events, books, computers, scrap book pages, doors, storage jars, mugs, skateboards, snowboards, lockers, bottles. A decal is a larger graphic with a sticky back and comes with a liner that helps in transferring the graphic very easily. Also known as a transfer sticker. Used for windows, walls, and vehicles. A magnet is used for metal surfaces only. Commonly known as a fridge magnet, it can be used on vehicles, lockers, tool boxes. Will not stick to laptop computers.


How do we get in touch with you?


The quickest way to reach us is by contacting us here. How do I place a reorder? Just login to your account at the top of the page and under your order history you can place a reorder on any of your previous orders listed. Do you guarantee colour matching? Unfortunately we cannot guarantee colour matches. Unless we are provided with colour samples we’ll try to be close. How long does it take to ship my order? We will have a proof for you In 24 hours. If it is approved then we print and ship within 3 days. Do you ship samples? Yes we do! Get them here. What is the longevity of your stickers? 3-5 years outdoor use. What is a sticker sheet? It is an 8.5"x11" sheet. You can fit as many stickers as you would like on these sheets. What currency do you use? All of our pricing is in US dollars. Can I get a custom quote? Yes, if you have a custom size and a large quantity please contact us with the details. Can I change the quantities after proofing? Yes, as long as the order has not shipped we can alter the quantity. Do you print stickers on a roll? No, we custom cut all of our stickers. Do you have a phone number we can reach you at? This is an e-commerce site, so email is best. However if you must, email us your number and we’ll buzz you! FAX number? No chance. Can you help design my sticker? Of course! If it is a simple design we will not charge. If it is more complex, there will be a charge. Do you ship worldwide? Yes we do. We ship USPS International. Free USPS Shipping on orders greater than $99.00 outside of North America. Free USPS shipping on orders greater than $40.00. Is there a limit on the number of colours I can have? No. The sky’s the limit. Go crazy! What type of printing can I expect? We use only ecofriendly latex based inks. Expect 1400 DPI resolution with very vivid colours. Outdoor durability is 3-5 years! Creating a cut line: Use a vector stroke to indicate the cut line. If you are unable to, we will be happy to create it and show you a proof for your approval. You can request as many changes as you like until you are happy. What if I don’t want a white border? When you indicate full bleed in your instructions, we will provide you with a border-less proof for your approval. You can add a white border at that stage if you have changed your mind and we will send you a new proof to approve. How important is it to outline my fonts? Make sure to outline your fonts before uploading your artwork. This way you are certain to have your sticker printed the way you intended. Outline fonts are under the Font menu in Illustrator. Do I have to upload my image at full size? While it is best to upload your image at full size, we will be happy to resize it for you. Vector artwork can always be resized where as non-vector artwork can only be re-sized if the resolution permits. We will get in contact with you if we feel the size requested cannot be accomplished with the image you uploaded. You may have to find a higher resolution image or go with a smaller sticker. Can I use Neon or Metallic colours? We are unable to print neon or metallic colours. What file format do I send my artwork in? We are able to work with most file formats. Some will work better than others. Use EPS, AI, TIF, JPG, or PSD for best results in CMYK at 300dpi at 100% scale to ensure the best results. Can I put a magnet on a car? Yes, the magnet material we use is suitable for most makes of cars. Can I put a magnet on my computer? No, we absolutely do not recommend you put any type of magnet on your computer or any other electrical device. Can you add text to my sticker? Yes, let us know what font, size and colour you would like and we can add it to your design before we send you a proof for approval. SHOP NOW STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? CONTACT US