How to get the best results for your artwork

If you want the best print quality we recommend uploading Illustrator vector artwork (in AI or EPS format) or Photoshop high resolution artwork (in TIF, JPG, or PSD format) converted to CMYK, 300 dpi, and at 100% the size it will be printed.

If you created your artwork in Adobe Illustrator vector format you can simply go ahead and upload that file.

If your artwork was created in Adobe Photoshop, you can check your resolution by selecting Image > Image Size in the application menu.

get best results artwork In Photoshop, check your resolution by selecting Image > Image Size.

If you prefer not to have a white border around your artwork, make sure to extend (bleed) the artwork beyond the actual size of the sticker file.

After you upload your artwork, we'll create a cut line for you which will show you where your stickers will be trimmed. This you will see on your online proof.

get best results artwork On the left: no white border. On the right: with a white border.

The font you like is always the best but remember the thinner the lines the harder it will be to read. The larger the decal, sticker or magnet is, the thinner the font can be.

When designing your sticker, decal or magnet, it is important to think about contrast when choosing colours. Dark coloured backgrounds work well with light type and light images where as light coloured backgrounds work best with dark type and images.