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greek life stickers

Sorority & Fraternity Custom Stickers

Show your love for your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers by representing with a custom sticker! If you are busy rushing, let it be known with one of a dozen of our custom Greek Life stickers from Stickerbeat that shows everyone who is your Greek brethren. college fraternity stickersPlaster your dorm room walls or your frat house with awesome stickers that shows your allegiance. Put your sorority crest, letters and colors out there and hand ‘em out to all the members so they can cover any flat surface with their nifty stickers. Laptop covers, cell phone cases, a thermal cup, notebooks, or a book bag are all fair game to cover with one of our Stickerbeat Greek life stickers. Since they are UV, weather and rain resistant, our sorority and fraternity stickers can even go on the bumper of your car through the creation of a custom bumper sticker since they offer 3-5 years resistance to fading. Choose our clear backing if you are hankering to put a sticker on windows and mirrors, too! There pretty much isn’t any flat surface we can’t cover with our sturdy and 4mm thick vinyl—and we know it won’t peel up and will lay down perfectly flat with no bubbling. Frat and sorority stickers make perfect gifts for special events to all the members and newbies being inducted into the organization. Whether you’re a Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi or in Delta Gamma, you can show everybody on campus your Greek pride! They also are perfect for fundraising endeavors that can raise money to financially support your sorority or fraternity. Don’t hesitate to give them out as raffle prizes, sell them at football games, or cover fundraising inventory such as drink cups or mugs with our stickers to drive sales. Get creative and raise funds! college sorority stickers Custom Die Cut Stickers –Want your fraternity or sorority stickers in a funky shape? We’ve got your back! Color, shape and size are no issue when it comes to design. Whether your scheme is swirly and frilly or blocky and bold, we can put it on one of our Die cut stickers. sorority stickersKiss Cut Stickers — Cover all your Greek swag with our Kiss cut stickers. These are awesome because they can be cut right to the tippy edge of your design so there is no exasperating extra vinyl material showing. It doesn’t matter how intricate your fraternity or sorority design is, we can cut your sticker out right up to the very borderline thanks to these fantastical slicing blades we use that get things snipped tight to the edge regardless of how crazy your design might be. Sticker Sheets — Look, we know paying for college-related expenses is pricey enough. So, put money back in your organization’s coffers thanks to our budget-friendly Sticker Sheets. Advertise your Greek chapter everywhere at a low cost with an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of high-grade gloss vinyl that can hold lots of stickers. You can hand out your personalized stickers en masse because we can fit a whole bunch of stickers on a single page.

Consider Our Pledge of Quality, Before You Pledge!3M Select Graphic Provider Platinum

Stickerbeat promises that students entering into or living the Greek life that every sticker and decal we make passes the test when it comes to high quality. As a 3M Select Graphic Provider, we don’t play when it comes to using graphics that are top notch and will make the other clubs envious. Bottom line, we refuse to cheap out on any of our materials like some of our competitors do! If members are stumped for a design idea, don’t hesitate to give our darling customer service reps a ring. They will help you craft something you love and they won’t quit until you are 100% happy with it. Once you’re head over heels in love, we get it printed and out to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING! WHOA!! So, get rushing with Greek Life stickers from Stickerbeat!! custom stickers stickerbeat