Jelly and Jam Jar Labels

Personalized jelly and jam labels are ideal to give your fruity preserves a fabulous look. For gift-giving or to sell at your farmer’s market, every jelly jar deserves a custom look. A Stickerbeat die cut label with your logo gives every jam jar a professional flair to attract customers on the shelf.

Jelly and Jam Jar Labels

Sticky jelly isn’t a problem with our wipeable labels, either! Our rectangle label can hold oodles of information about your product. Your ingredient list, net weight, nutritional facts, flavors and even a photo can all be added to your food label.

Promote your jams and jellies!

Promote your business ethos, your website and helpful ordering information to drive repeat business from customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a small home jam business, or a large scale jelly co-packer; Stickerbeat can get your glass jar covered. We assure you a professional and beautiful label that will stick down easily and stay put. You can put your jars in the refrigerator--and they will not bubble, peel or crack!

Custom Die Jelly and Jam Jar Labels

Give your jelly and jam to friends and family for holiday gifts or even as a wedding favor. Put a pretty custom label on each bottle to personalize your brand with flair. If you are ambitious and want to retail your special batch jelly and jam, we can help you create a sticker label that will excite customers. Use any color you want, including a clear sticker. You can create any shape or size you desire, and we can cut it out with precision.

Jelly and jam jar labels can be put on the front glass surface or even on the top lid for versatility. Our custom labels adhere to glass, metal or even plastic with ease. Stickerbeat canning labels help you market and sell your preserve products. Attractive personalized labels with your brand and logo will blow away your competitors. If you’ve got tons of jars to label, try our labels on a roll out for size!

Stickerbeat makes it easy!

Simply upload your own design or let our crafty designers create one for you for FREE. We will keep tweaking it until you are totally happy. Once you approve your proof, we print your personalized custom jelly and jam labels and get them to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING!

Why settle for boring off-the-shelf jelly and jam jar labels that everyone else has? You can have one tailored just for YOU to your exact specifications. Stickerbeat will help you design a label that brings out the best in your preserves and inspires customers to buy. Instill brand loyalty thanks to custom jelly and jam jar labels that are as delightful as your sweet jams.