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Rock gods rejoice! If you are in a band or promote one, spread musical adoration and represent the band to everyone who is interested in your sound. Our easy peel stickers and decals let your fans put your image on any smooth surface they desire. You can hand out your band logo at gigs, music festivals, industry events, award shows, and concerts and beyond! Whether you are a start-up garage band or a well established one with a label, admirers can’t wait to show off their love for their favorite musicians. Band stickers are an inexpensive way to get the word out about your group and give followers a way to display their passion for your tunes. Custom stickers make it a snap to get your current fans engaged and gain the interest of new ones who have never heard of you before thanks to a compelling logo. Band Promotional Stickers Sponsoring a local or large-scale musical festival? There is no better way to get the word out about your event than with a cool sticker that will blow minds everywhere. Stickers are a great way to promote a festival to guarantee interest and shake up some excitement months ahead of time. You can pop your band logo on your drum kit, guitar, amp or anywhere anyone will notice to build on your musical brand. Put your band logo stickers on an album cover, venue wall, bathroom stall, bulletin board, or lamp post with pride. Getting the word out can’t get any easier for musicians in a totally budget-friendly way. Groupies will be thrilled to put your band logo on a laptop cover, bumper sticker of the car, insulated water bottle, cooler, bike helmet or even a surfboard. Let your creativity go crazy and create an epic custom design that your fans will go ga-ga over, and effectively promote your band so that everyone knows about you. Nothing can stop where your stickers can go—indoors and out! Music Festival Stickers Whether you churn out rock, jazz, dance, country, rap or salsa--we know that every band has a different spin on a good thing. Speak to your devotees in a unique way, and stand out with your very own customized stickers that show off what a kickin’ band you are in. Stickerbeat quality is like no other, and if you’ve gone through all the trouble to put together a funk-tastic group, we want to make sure our stickers get the word out effectively thanks to our top quality materials. Hand them out to family, friends and fans with pride because we’ve got you covered with a sticker that is sure to rock! It may take some time to write a new song, practice and get a gig lined up, but we can quickly turn-around and ship your stickers precisely when you need them. If you are stuck for design ideas, we can help with that, too. Our customer service representatives are thrilled to help you make your band branding ideas come to life or to answer any questions. We don’t limit how you want your sticker either, we are all about possibilities: Custom Die Cut Stickers – Size, shape and color are never a limitation at Stickerbeat! No matter how low-key unpretentious or decidedly crazy your design is, you can bet that we can customize every single facet of your decal. Stickerbeat assures we can make your sticker design happen regardless of how intricate or complex your rock band or music festival design is. We can cut your outline with accuracy and put it on one of our Die cut stickers. Kiss Cut Stickers — Our Kiss cut stickers are perfect when getting your design sliced to the very edge matters. There is no annoying excess to deal with on these beauties! No matter how swirly or decorative your design gets, we can cut that sucker right up to the very tippy edge borderline ACCURATELY. Our super-duper blade cutting process cuts your custom design with precision tightly to your outline. Sticker Sheets — Need throngs of stickers to pass out to fans? Our Sticker Sheets help you get the word out to big groups in the cheapest way possible. We print as many will fit on an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of fabulous quality gloss vinyl, so you can market your band brand anywhere you are. Stickerbeat assures you that every sticker and decal we manufacture is going meet your anticipations. We only use the highest quality materials available; and unlike our sad competitors who choose to cut corners at your expense, we only use thick 4-millimeter vinyl that we know is going to make your sticker look awe-inspiring in the hands of your groupies and will lie down perfectly flat without peeling. Music Stickers Our heavy-duty paper backing provides strength to all of our stickers. We then couple that with our protecting laminated top coating, and you’ve got a sticker and decal that meets a very high standard of superiority. Your fans will see and feel the difference and know your band brand has some serious chops. We make sure all our stickers and decals are weatherproof and UV resistant, to boot. Whether they are stuck indoors or outdoors, we know they will look good for years without fading over a long period of time. In fact, our stickers placed outdoors are fade resistant for 3 to 5 years. Groovy, huh?! We are so boldly confident about the stability of our vinyl and inks that we guarantee them to withstand a variety of conditions and applications. We ain’t even spooked if you decide to run one through the dishwasher. Go for it! Get your band promo message out there with Stickerbeat. Our staff is waiting to help you turn your fantasy band or music festival sticker into a reality that will rock your world. Stickerbeat