Our Promise

Our Commitment To Quality Stickerbeat quality productsAt Stickerbeat, our product quality rocks! Stickerbeat is the premier online marketplace for super high-quality stickers, decals and magnets of all shapes and sizes. We have been in the decal business for over 30 years. Our goal is to get your stickers out the door within 3 business days of your order. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Our friendly and helpful staff is always on hand to ensure you have a wonderful experience with Stickerbeat. Our custom die cut stickers, decals and magnets are all manufactured to the highest-quality standards in the business. Stickerbeat uses thick 4 mil vinyl, which delivers a quality look and a sticker or decal that lays down nicelyOur Products Are Made To Last: Our stickers and decals are both weatherproof and UV resistant. They stick to any surface, inside or outside, and they will last for years without fading. They can withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. Depending on individual conditions, our stickers remain fade resistant for 3 to 5 years outdoors. Our high-quality, durable vinyl and inks are guaranteed to stay strong in all types of conditions and applications – they can even be safely run through a dishwasher! Stickerbeat uses thick 4 mil vinyl, which delivers a quality look and a sticker or decal that lays down nicely. Our sturdy paper backing helps boost the overall strength of our stickers. When our sturdy paper backing and protective laminate are combined, they provide a quality product you can see and feel. All of our Stickerbeat stickers are made using a strong adhesive that keeps the sticker’s surface intact if it needs to be removed. Our advanced adhesives help to ensure proper placement, too! We print our floor graphics on durable scratch- and water-resistant vinyl. As a result, they are ideal for high-traffic areas like retail shops and grocery stores. You can also read more about our quality-control standards on our Stickerbeat blog. tickerbeat uses 3M_Select_Graphic_Provider_Platinum3M Technology: Stickerbeat is excited to announce the exclusive use of the 3M Scotchcal graphic film for all of its sticker products. 3M is the leader in the graphic film industry. The 3M Scotchcal IJ 35 graphic film we use has an expected performance life of 5 years indoor and outdoor. The premium film is the perfect choice for short- to long-term indoor/outdoor promotional graphics.