Political Election Stickers

Custom election stickers

If you are running for office, you can’t go without custom election stickers to hand out to your potential constituents!

Stickerbeat can get your name, image and your stance out there for the voters to see so you get support for your cause. Put political election stickers in the hands of voters everywhere whether you are running for president of your high school, mayor of your town, or even the big leagues of Congress. We will put your political sticker into vibrant color so you build campaign awareness that can drive a win in office thanks to the fact that fans can put your sticker on any flat surface, and your message can be seen by tons of eyeballs. Unlike pricey campaign posters that someone may only pass once or twice, a political sticker can be put on laptops, lockers, windows, water bottles, cell phone cases, bags, ANYWHERE! Your supporters are automatic walking marketers who will spread your name around simply by putting a sticker out there for others to see. Political Stickers Our stickers are made with an easy peel backing, but they stay stuck on whatever you apply it to without bubbling or cracking. Best of all, we print and get it to you within 3 days of your order with FREE SHIPPING! As a running candidate, you can adapt your custom sticker message to say anything you want. Your name, your photo, your campaign slogan—anything you want that will get you noticed. We won’t hold you back on what shape, color and size you choose. Your sticker can even be reflective or have a clear background if you like! Die cut stickers give you provide you with the land of opportunity when it comes to crafting your design. You can make it any way you want it, and we will get it cut out. Kiss cut stickers push the envelope because they give you the ability to cut your design right up to the very border with no irksome excess material showing no matter how multifaceted the shape is. Our Sticker Sheets are a campaigners dream because it gives you a way to hand out loads of stickers to many people while keeping costs reasonable. We can fit bunches of stickers on an 8.5” x 11” sheet, so you can take your stickers on the road while you are convincing the good people to vote for YOU! 3M_Select_Graphic_Provider_PlatinumIt’s so easy to do! Just upload your own design, or let one our imaginative customer service reps help you design a sticker at no charge. We don’t quit until you are beyond satisfied with how it looks! Stickerbeat is a select 3M Graphic Provider which means our products represent you and/or your campaign in the best professional light. Voters will be impressed with the quality! We promise you that your political election sticker will lay flat and look great without peeling up. Since they are weather and UV resistant--sun, heat or cold will not be your enemy—our stickers are fade resistant for 3-5 years outdoors. Even if your campaigner puts one on a drink cup, it will even stay put through the dishwasher! Everyone loves free stuff, and they love to show what they stand for. Handing out an election sticker with your smiling face on it is a no-brainer way to spread your message and make you memorable when the voters cast their ballot. Let us show you how! custom stickers stickerbeat