Staircase Riser Stickers

Staircase Stickers Take Your Home's Beauty to New Heights!

There’s nothing really exciting about the risers in your home staircase normally—BUT you can jazz up your climb to your second floor with custom die cut staircase riser stickers that will add art to each step. There are no limits to what you can dream up when it comes to our stair stickers. Get your measurements and just use our custom sized rectangle stickers to personalize each and every step!
custom stair riser mural with stickers Get the look of a custom stair riser mural with stickers!
Stickerbeat’s super simple peel and stick staircase riser stickers will add some panache to any staircase with a smooth and flat riser. Each and every step you take will have glorious visual appeal beside boring wood or white paint. You can put any image you want on each riser that will showcase a truly unique way to have artwork on each step.

Make your Staircase a Canvas for Art

Hardwood stairs can be transformed with die cut stickers that can fit perfectly onto the face of each one of your risers (or simply trim for that perfect fit). Simply measure what size you need and peel off the backing and get to sticking. Since we use high-quality 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl, you can wipe each sticker clean thanks to its waterproof nature. Our inks are some of the finest on the market, and your riser stickers will be durable and can suffer years of abuse with no issue. Our stickers are guaranteed tough even if kids or the dog are running up and down your stairs daily.
stairway safety stickers Stair riser stickers also serve well in ensuring staircase safety.
Choose ANY design or pattern you want without limitations. Each step can include the name of a family member and pet in the household, you can add photos, numbers or ANYTHING you want. Your design can be graphic and bold or it can be simple and elegant. You can select any color you want and your steps can even alternate in design if you choose. Heck, there is no reason you can’t switch them out for the seasons, too. You can have a holiday-themed staircase during Christmas and the Easter bunny hopping up your steps in the spring. Go wild!

It’s so Easy to Apply!

custom staircase riser decals Just measure and order!
Stickerbeat works hard to make the application of our die cut stickers flawless and easy. Our competitors may cheap out and use cut-rate, thin vinyl that just bubbles up or peels, but we don’t! Our stickers will stay on your risers without peeling up at all. Our paper backing gives your sticker stability and makes it easy to put on, and our laminated top coating makes each sticker resistant to most anything. It doesn’t matter if your home is warm, cool or even if they are put in direct sunlight, they are fade resistant for years without worry. Just peel and stick! Our customer service reps are here to help you craft your staircase riser sticker designs if you need assistance. But it’s really easy to upload your design with our helpful tools. Once we get your approval, we then get you your sticker(s) with free shipping. Stickerbeat