Waterproof Stickers

waterproof stickers

Waterproof Stickers Go Wherever You Do!

Did you know that your Stickerbeat custom sticker is waterproof?! No kidding! Believe it or not you can pop your sticker on a water bottle or drink glass and wash it with no fuss whatsoever. Pretty nifty, huh? There’s no need for you to worry where your sticker is going to go because even if it gets wet, rained on, is stuck to a wall in a high moisture situation OR even run it through the dishwasher (yep, we said dishwasher!)—we can assure you that your sticker will stay STUCK! Stickerbeat stickers can even be ran through the dishwasher and stay stuck Printed on a special waterproof vinyl that has a protective laminated layer, our stickers are hard wearing and are fade and scratch resistant. These are no ordinary, cheap stickers like those of our silly competitors—they are TOUGH! Want to put your sticker on a snowboard or your boat? Well, go right ahead! Snow or lake water ain’t gonna harm it! Got a boogie board? Go ahead and decorate it! Want to dress up your snow mobile? Go crazy! Don’t be afraid to pop your design on frosty champagne flutes at your wedding, because we can guarantee they will stay stuck while your giddy guests are clinking glasses. Stickerbeat decals and stickers will go along with you no matter what wet conditions you want to play in. Any way you slice it, we give you options with our waterproof stickers: waterproof stickersCustom Die Cut Stickers – Don’t blink an eye at size, shape and color! No matter how modest or complex your design is, we can modify every single aspect of your sticker. Stickerbeat promises we can make your sticker design come to life no matter what you dream up. We can cut your outline to precision and put it on one of our Die cut stickers. Kiss Cut Stickers — Want to be bound to no borders? Use Kiss cut stickers! It doesn’t matter how ornate your waterproof design is, we can PERFECTLY cut your design right out to the border it lies inside of right up to the tippy edge. Our amazing blade cutting process cuts your custom design with accuracy snug to your outline. Sticker Sheets — Need boatloads of stickers? You can have bunches and bunches of smaller stickers on one 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of fabulous quality gloss vinyl. Market your brand anywhere you are, including industry trade shows and special events, or to brand and label your products. Stickerbeat promises that every single sticker and decal we pump out is going meet your lofty expectations of perfection. We already know our thick, tear resistant 4 mil vinyl is going to make your sticker look remarkable in the hands of your friends or customers and will lie down perfectly flat. Not only that, they are UV resistant too! waterproof stickers You can put them on any indoor or outdoor surface for years without fading over a long period of time. In most cases one of our stickers placed outdoors is fade resistant for 3 to 5 years. We are so confident about the solidity of our vinyl and inks that we pledge they will withstand a variety of conditions and applications like snow, rain, and sun. Fierce! Get your advertising message out there with Stickerbeat. Our friendly customer service reps are waiting to help you design the grooviest waterproof sticker ever! Stickerbeat