Waterproof Stickers Where Moisture Is No Match!

Can stickers be waterproof? It’s common to think that a sticker won’t hold up to moisture. However, waterproof stickers are a possibility. With the right material, you can adhere stickers to any surface without concerns that they will rub off or lose their grip. 

How Durable Are Waterproof Stickers?

Producing waterproof stickers starts with the material. We only use high-quality 3M vinyl. The specific vinyl has waterproof qualities. They have a permanent adhesive on the back and a protective laminate on the front. That extra protection keeps water from seeping into the sticker. It also shields against scratching, tearing, and fading. Not only are they moisture resistant, but they are also completely weatherproof and UV resistant. 

This is not your average sticker. The manufacturing process has an objective to create tough stickers that can handle rain or submerging into water. 

Where Can You Put Waterproof Stickers?

With this type of product, you’ll be able to use them in so many applications. They are great for personalizing cups, coffee mugs, water bottles, and more. You can even wash the items in the dishwasher, and your stickers will stay on as they should. In addition, these stickers won’t begin to peel in colder temps, such as when placed in the refrigerator. 

These stickers also work well on items that are outside or come into contact with the elements. Some examples include helmet stickers, surfboards, sports and rec equipment, and ski gear. Stick them on your coolers and even vehicles. Whatever weather or moisture you encounter, these stickers aren’t budging. 

This category of stickers also is ideal for labeling machinery and gear used for work or play. With such a long-lasting, heavy-duty product, you’ll find that you can put them anywhere and not have to replace them because they failed due to moisture constantly. 

What Are the Shape, Size, and Art Options for Waterproof Stickers?

The options are almost endless for stickers that are waterproof. You can choose die cut stickers, which follow the outline of the design. We also offer a variety of standard shapes, including circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles. 

For sizes, there are multiple typical sizes from which to choose, or you can put in your own dimensions. 

The art is completely customizable. You can use logos, words, or any image. All you need to do is upload your art. We require the file to be at least 300 dpi. Need help with artwork? We’ve got you covered with graphic design help. You’ll always receive a proof to review and approve before the printing begins. 

Design Your Waterproof Stickers Today

The applications for waterproof stickers cover so many items and environments. Use them for professional branding, to show off your personality, or label important things. No matter how you use them, you can feel confident they’ll last. Order your waterproof stickers today!